Kendall Jenner is feeling much better after she told fans recently that she was sick. The model was spotted on a night out with her best friend Fai Khadra. The two celebrities have been spending a lot of time together, but they are not dating.

Jenner was spotted on a night out in The Bungalow in Santa Monica, California. Pictures of her going out to have dinner with her friend Khadra have surfaced on Just Jared.

Both the model and her friend were dressed for the occasion. Jenner wore a stylish pinstripe jumpsuit and she finished the look with a pair of matching heels. Khadra on the other hand wore a more formal black suit.

The duo appears to be celebrating Jenner’s recovery by going out for dinner. The model told her fans on social media recently that she was sick and was staying back home to rest and recover.

Jenner’s friends Khadra and Hailey Baldwin visited her at her home to cook her a meal to help her recover quickly. The model shared a video of the two of them cooking for her in what appears to be her home. Baldwin cooked broth of some kind while Khardra made some eggs in a pan.

After breaking up with Ben Simmons, Jenner appears to be spending a lot of time with Khadra, and leaning on him. She had previously taken him as her plus one for Justine Bieber and Baldwin’s wedding. The model shared a selfie of her with her date for the wedding on social media, but she specifically mentioned in the post that she is not dating Khadra, People reported.

Even during her recent dinner outing, Jenner appears to be sending a clear message that Khadra is just a friend and they are not dating. The two celebrities reportedly kept distance from each other when they left after dinner.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner attends the Longchamp Fall/Winter 2019 Runway Show in New York City on Feb. 9, 2019. Getty Images/Craig Barritt