Iranian Oil Tanker
Iran has reneamed several of its vessels in a bid to make it more difficult for Western officials to keep track of their movements.

Kenya said it will not import crude oil from Iran in the wake of sanction threats from the United Sates and the European Union, according to the energy ministry in Nairobi.

Kenya had signed a deal in June to purchase about 4 million tons of oil from the Iranian National Oil Company. However, a total embargo on Iranian crude by the U.S. and EU became effective on Sunday, in response to Tehran’s nascent nuclear power program.

Because of international pressure, we have withdrawn that understanding, said Patrick Nyoik, the energy ministry's permanent secretary, according to Agence France Presse.

There are sanctions that are in place for people that are buying oil and products from Iran -- there would be repercussions,” the outgoing U.S. ambassador to Kenya, Scott Gration, warned his hosts prior to Nairobi's announcement.