Five-person developer Andromeda Project has officially revealed the stretch goals for its Kickstarter campaign for “Kharon’s Crypt — Even Death May Die.” Included in the list of stretch goals is the studio’s desire of bringing the “Zelda”-inspired game to the Nintendo Switch console.

Andromeda Project published a new update on its upcoming game’s crowdfunding project this Wednesday. Highlighted in this update are the details on the “Kharon’s Crypt” Nintendo Switch port, which will only be released if the Kickstarter campaign funding reaches €17,500 or less than US$20,600. Aside from announcing the Switch Port stretch goal, the developer also introduced the new Early Bird Tier that’s specifically designed for backers who only want the digital copy of the game for the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, Andromeda Project is giving other tiers the option of obtaining a digital copy of “Kharon’s Crypt.” Now backers belonging to the Whispering Raven, Early Access Phantom, Collector Old-School Reaper, Architect of the Crypt and Lord of the Beasts tiers can switch the PC/Mac/Linux digital code they’ll be receiving for a Nintendo Switch version code.

Kickstarter Stretch Goals List

Below is the complete list of all stretch goals for Andromeda Project’s Kickstarter campaign.

  • Cards & Achievements - €5,000
The game will include Steam trading cards and dozens of achievements (including speed run) to make the most out of “Kharon’s Crypt.”
  • Secret Hardcore Floor - €7,000
An additional level will be hidden in the depths of the crypt. 
  • Necronomicon Expanded - €10,000
Over 100 collectible pages full of lore, tales & art will be waiting to be found in the depths of the crypt.
  • Colosseum of the Doomed - €15,000
This unlocks a free DLC that comes with 100 stages. A champion boss is waiting at the final stage of this DLC.
  • Nintendo Switch - €17,500
If this stretch goal is reached, the developer will have enough money to finally release ‘Kharon’s Crypt’ on Nintendo Switch.


“Kharon’s Crypt” Explained

Andromeda Project describes “Kharon’s Crypt” as a nonlinear dungeon crawler video game that’s full of puzzles, riddles and various lethal challenges. Aside from being inspired by the old “Zelda” games, “Kharon’s Crypt” is heavily influenced by retro pixel art Game Boy Color aesthetics.

In this upcoming game, players take on the role of Kharon, who is presumed to be death himself. Kharon’s mission is to escape from the crypt where he was sealed by the Deranged King. Kharon has several abilities including flying, going through physical objects and making opponents feel dizzy. However, there is a catch: Kharon needs to possess the bodies of his enemies to showcase his abilities. Hence, he needs to steal the body of a bat to fly and get inside a skeleton to engage in physical combat, among many others.

Kharon has an etherial form that allows him to pass through concrete objects. This ability is useful when the player wants to escape or run away from a deadly situation. The ethereal state is also known to make Kharon invulnerable for a couple of seconds.

In his escape mission, Kharon can use weapons he’ll be stumbling upon in the crypt. Unfortunately, most weapons are too heavy to be carried by the spirit form of the protagonist, so players need to possess the bodies of the enemies to carry and use them. The main weapons in this game are swords, spears and axes.

Andromeda Project Background

Andromeda Project is based in España, Spain. “Kharon’s Crypt” is the studio’s second attempt at launching a game with the help of Kickstarter. According to GamingOnLinux, the team’s first crowdfunding project was for a game called “Necrocosmos: There Is No God.” Although the campaign failed, Andromeda Project has maintained that the game is still in development and it will re-do Kickstarter in the future.

For the time being, the small developing team is focused on “Kharon’s Crypt.” Thus far, reception for this new game has been very outstanding. Just after 15 hours since the Kickstarter project was launched, its tiny goal of €4,200 was reached. As of writing, it already managed to obtain €9,540 from 447 backers. With 22 days more to go, it won’t be a surprise if all stretch goals for the campaign will be unlocked.

Release Date & Demo

“Kharon’s Crypt” is slated for release on PC in early 2018. For now, Andromeda Project is offering interested gamers a free demo for Windows and Linux devices.