If you were hoping that a nasty feud between Khloé Kardashian and Blac Chyna was brewing, don’t hold your breath. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star separated fact from fiction during a recent episode of her FYI series,“Kocktails With Khloé.”

According to the reality star-turned-author, there is little to no truth to the rumors that she and brother Rob’s girlfriend had a falling out. She joked that the stories popping up about their alleged feud were so “dramatic” it was “like a soap opera episode.” Khloé, 31, assured fans that she and Blac Chyna, 27, never got into a fight. In fact, she said she hasn’t seen the mother of one “in a few years.”

“Her and I did not get into a fight,” Khloé said. “But I do love a good fight!”

Still, she and others in the Kardashian-Jenner clan may be struggling to come to terms with Rob’s new relationship with Chyna, as she's the former fiancée of Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga. After the pair went public about their relationship, it was widely reported that the Arthur George sock designer’s new romance had created tension between him and members of the family — namely his youngest sister. As was reported by E! Online, Rob, 28, and Kylie cleared the air of those false feud stories on March 16, appearing together in Diamond Supply Co. founder Nicholas Tershay’s Snapchat story. In the short video, the teen is shown sitting behind the wheel of her Rolls-Royce while Rob peeks through the driver’s-side door. Tershay later tweeted about their meetup, revealing to followers that he’d had a “good meeting” with Rob and Kylie. It remains unclear what they were working on. Kylie then assured followers that she sees her brother “all the time.”


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Rob and Blac Chyna announced on January that they were a couple. Not long after, Mirror U.K. reported that Khloé had kicked her brother out of her home. Those claims remain unconfirmed. It was briefly rumored that they had split due to the tension and outside pressure from Rob's family, but the youngest of the Kardashian siblings assured fans that they were simply stepping out of the limelight. The pair have since posted several photos and videos together and of one another on social media.