Kickstarter Sex Toy Project
A worker checks a vibrator during a test process at Ningbo Yamei plastic toy factory, on the outskirts of Fenghua, Zhejiang province, Feb. 13, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Lee

A first-of-its-kind project on Kickstarter was launched Thursday — Dame Products says that its Fin Vibrator will “become a natural extension of your body.”

Fin is made of USP Class 4 medical-grade silicone and offers three speeds — low, medium and high. It can be charged via USB and comes with a USB charging cord inside the box. The device is expected to eventually retail at $74.95, but pledging to the campaign will provide users a 20 percent discount. The deliveries of the product, which is made using a 3D printer, are estimated to start in December.

Support for Fin has begun pouring in on the website with many backers anxiously posting comments on when they could get their “hands on” the product — no pun intended. The project has already surpassed its funding goal with 668 backers pledging a total of $50,143 so far.

Previously, Dame Products ran a similar campaign for its first product — Eva — on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, but this is the first time that any company in this category has succeeded in starting a campaign on Kickstarter, which has rejected sex toy campaigns in the past. Dame Products achieved remarkable success with Eva, which now retails globally at $105. It has sold more than 40,000 units and raised $575,000 on the crowdfunding website.

“Turning to crowdfunding is a conscious decision on our part — something we find crucial when designing products like ours. The immediate feedback and constant two-way communication with our customers allows us to gain insight into the industry in a valuable way,” Alexandra Fine, CEO at Dame Products, reportedly said.

The Brooklyn-based company was started in 2014 by Janet Lieberman, a mechanical engineer from MIT, and Alexandra Fine, a sexual health expert from Colombia. It concentrates on female pleasure products.