A 71 year old woman was rushed to hospital on Thursday after being stung over 1,000 times by a swarm of Africanized honey bees in the Coachella Valley. There were at least 65,000 bees that are more commonly known as killer bees which attacked the woman and several firefighters who were there to aid here.

The killer bees are a very aggressive species; they are easily provoked, and are known to strike in great numbers. The swarm of bees came from a hive buried inside a hidden Verizon cable box. While the woman is expected to make a full recovery authorities are warning people about the aggressive bees in the region as bee season officially began at the start of March.

The sting from an Africanized honey bee is more potent than any other bee species, and at least 1 person a year in the US dies from this sting. With that being said the killer bees are generally not a threat to humans unless they are provoked.

But if you see a hive the most important thing to do is to use your common sense, don’t touch it, make a lot of noise and if you see bees coming your way your best bet is to run and seek cover.