It looks like Amazon's Kindle Fire is a formidable competion against Apple iPad 2.

At Best Buy, the Fire is the most popular tablet, as noted on a list ranking the top 40 most popular tablets. Apple's Black iPad 2 with 16GB of memory is the second most popular, and other models of the iPad 2 are rounding up the top 5 most popular tablets. The website doesn't show a particular number of tablets sold, so it is unclear if the total number of Fires sold bests the iPad 2.

The Fire sells for $199, significantly cheaper than the iPad 2 which is going for $499. Amazon is expected to initially lose money on each Fire sold, but the Seattle-based company is expected to regain some of that revenue when users begin purchasing content. Other Kindle's are selling for as low as $79.

Unlike the iPad 2, the Fire can't be purchased on Best Buy's website.

Kindle's has been very popular this holiday season. On Black Friday alone, four times as many Kindle's were sold compared to last year's Black Friday, Amazon announced. Apple didn't have a sluggish Black Friday either, as the Cupertino-Calif. based company broke its single-sales day record.

Shares of Amazon are up 2.00 percent to $196.14 at mid-morning trading. Shares of Apple are up 0.76 percent to $385.12.