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Building relationships is an essential part of any business. While recent events may have hindered the ability of brands to meet in person, many brands have created new ways to connect with their audience.

King Palm
King Palm King Palm

King Palm, a smoking accessory product that provides tobacco-free pre-rolls and other smoking accessories, is one company that is looking to connect with its customers on a deeper level.

According to King Palm, people connect with companies that are willing to listen and adopt creative ideas. Social media has been an important aspect of King Palm's strategy and they have successfully built an audience around their product. However, the company is finding that after several years of isolation, customers are excited to get back to in-person events.

A positive way to impact people's lives through events is even more rewarding for the King Palm team. In addition to using social media platforms for communication, they encourage customers to meet each other in-person and to communicate more. They were building contacts with their community by hosting pop-up events allowing the customers to see and interact with one of their representatives.

"It helps get them up to speed so they can cut down the learning curve and just kind of understand it, grasp it, and get somebody else's point of view. So it's also a great bonding, kind of like a learning experience with the customer and the product," said a representative from King Palm.

King Palm has found that people enjoy being surprised and plan to carry that dedication into future events, whether through a reward or an unanticipated present. Networking and being with other people who share your interests are the best.

"Despite the challenges of the past three years, bringing the real-time experience back to life is crucial for our audiences and us," says a member of King Palm.

King Palm plans to continue that engagement into the new year, encouraging their fans to purchase their products from local smoke shops to win a piece of a $100K Giveaway. The giveaway is set to launch in December or January and encourages their customers to purchase their products and send in a photo. They'll select multiple winners each month to receive a portion of that prize money.

"We enjoy hearing our customers' stories and love seeing who they are. That's why we created our 100k Giveaway," a King Palm team member explains.

The King Palm brand launched in 2016, and they are keeping up with a growing demand for their products. In 2017, they produced $ 2.5 million in products to fulfill the market need, and in 2018 sales began to grow by up to 40% per year.

On top of that, many celebrities appreciate and recognize King Palm's approach, including Mike Tyson, Snoop Dog, Joe Rogan, Kahlani, and Swae Lee.

King Palm is always looking for something new through many partnerships and collaborations. Earlier this year, they released new Suga Punch pouches on their website and in smoke shops across the country in partnership with MMA fighter Sean O'Malley.

Part of their success with their customers is how they develop and conceptualize new products and flavors for their non-nicotine rolls. Many of 2022's releases have already become fan favorites including the Red Reigh, Pumpkin Cream, and various seasonal flavors.

"We've learned how to adapt; we've learned how to pivot; we've learned how always to stay one step ahead. Lots of copycats try to try to come in and mimic the product, and none of them stick around, because we're always stayed ahead of the curve. Learn to stay fresh. We've learned to drop new, different flavors and give people extra stuff," says a representative of King Palm.

One of the things that King Palm plans to incorporate into their expansion is the production of cannabis. Whether you realize it or not, many pre-rolled flower products sold in states where cannabis is legal already utilize King Palm products. They plan to use those connections to expand into the cannabis industry.

According to theFortune Business Insights analysis, the success of the cannabis industry is unprecedented. The global cannabis market is expected to increase from $26.266 billion in 2021 to $197.74 billion in 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 34.04 percent.

King Palm is ready for success in the market. They already make a popular product, and they continue improving it. Moving into cannabis would be their natural next step.