“Kingdom Hearts III” world speculation has been happening for years, and a new data mined discovery gives weight to an interesting idea. Square Enix really wants to make a “Jungle Book” world if these new findings are any indication!

13th Vessel on YouTube recently posted a video that picks apart the unused files of 2012’s “Kingdom Hearts 3D” for the Nintendo 3DS. Most of the discoveries include beta assets and text from the game’s development team, but there’s one suspicious file that’s garnered plenty of community attention. An object called "jb_621.bcd" was buried deep in the archive, and it carries with it some interesting implications for the future.

For one, the source believes that “jb” might be a shorthand reference to content based on Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” It was also said that files with the 62 suffix generally relate to the interstitial Dive Mode maps that appear between worlds. Taking these two assumptions at face value, it seems a Dive Mode map based on “The Jungle Book” was cut from the final game. That doesn’t mean Mowgli and pals necessarily had a huge presence in the plot, but they were possibly being considered by the Square Enix development team.

One tiny piece of cut content doesn’t prove much, but it’s worth pointing out that this is far from the first time that a “Jungle Book” world was scrapped from the “Kingdom Hearts” universe. In 2010, passionate fans were able to unearth a world based on the film to be used in “Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.” Back in February, a director for the canceled “Kingdom Hearts” TV series revealed that storyboards for a “Jungle Book” episode had been made.

In other words, a union between “Kingdom Hearts” and “The Jungle Book” has been planned multiple times for nearly a decade. This knowledge could mean big things with regard to an appearance in “Kingdom Hearts III.” After all, the live-action “Jungle Book” film was just recently released alongside themed medals for the “Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ” mobile game.

Square Enix wouldn’t make that kind of tease without intent. Given how many times it’s been scrapped and Disney’s reworked vision, “The Jungle Book” seems increasingly likely to finally be featured in the third main installment. Especially with the increased horsepower of PS4 and Xbox One, it’d be the perfect time to bring those dense and colorful environments to life. There’s just too much circumstantial evidence backing up the idea.

“Kingdom Hearts III” is in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

Do you want “Kingdom Hearts III” to feature a world based on the “Jungle Book?” Will it actually happen? Tell us in the comments section!