Game developer Konami has confirmed rumors of a "Silent Hill" reboot and revealed that the new film is already in the works with Christophe Gans who helmed the first two installments of the movie franchise.

Konami released a 6-minute teaser trailer Thursday titled, "Return to Silent Hill" which opens with Gans and producer Victor Hadida explaining their vision for the new movie.

"This return is a return to a world, a universe that I touched upon in 2006, 15 years ago," Gans says in the clip. "The film tells the story of a young guy coming back to Silent Hill where he has known a great love and what he's going to find is a pure nightmare."

The "Silent Hill" franchise was adapted to the big screen in 2006 following the success of the horror video game of the same name, first launched in 1999. The original game follows the story of writer Harry Mason as he searches for his adopted daughter in the fictional town of Silent Hill.

With the game's massive success, sequels and films were made which featured different characters who explore the eerie ghost town.

As per the trailer, the new movie will be based on the plot of the "Silent Hill 2" game where a man goes to the town on a quest to look for his dead wife after receiving a letter from her. In the town, the central character, James Sunderland, is confronted by various monsters including the franchise's iconic antagonist Pyramid Head.

"At the core, it's also the idea of the myth of Orpheus and whether a man can go deep in hell to bring back the soul or the person he loved the most in his life," Hadida explains in the trailer, further revealing that the movie will bring back familiar creatures and "terror consequences."

"But the first big interrogation and the first big terror is about ourselves. Are we mad? Are we sane? Are we sane to go back to Silent Hill to find this great love?" Gans adds.

Despite the presence of the familiar antagonists, the new movie will be "very modern but also very true to the video game," Hadida pointed out.

The creators of the upcoming film are yet to announce its expected date of release in the theaters. Aside from the movie, the new game is also in development.

Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2 Remake
Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2 Remake Konami