Kojima Productions
Hideo Kojima revealed a bit more about his plans for Kojima Productions in an interview with IGN. Kojima Productions

After Sony and Hideo Kojima announced the creation of a new independent studio this week, many wondered how Konami would respond to the news. With an open call for development staff for a new "Metal Gear" game, fans have their answer.

Konami announced it is hiring staff to develop "New Metal Gear." The jobs listing page does not provide any details regarding creative direction, but Konami is seeking high-level recruits. "Boundless imagination, and the capacity for exciting new ideas" and "the communication skills to effectively communicate your ideas" are just a few of the qualifications necessary for the position.

The openings are for Konami offices in Japan and the U.S.

The "Metal Gear" franchise is synonymous with Kojima. The development of "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain," released in September 2015, was a contentious one between Kojima and Konami. After being in the spotlight for previous "Metal Gear" releases, Kojima Productions was removed from the cover of the "The Phantom Pain." Further reports indicated a deteriorating work environment at Konami as the company shifted its focus away from big budget games to free-to-play franchises for mobile devices.

Kojima's exit from Konami was confirmed Wednesday when the game designer announced his contract expired. Rather than explore free agency as a leading game designer, the formation of Kojima Productions at Sony was quickly announced by Kojima and Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. The first game will be a PS4 exclusive.

In an interview with IGN, Kojima said "Metal Gear Solid" artist Yoji Shinkawa and Kenichiro Imaizumi will be members of Kojima Productions. Very few details were revealed about the game, but it may not be as expansive as what we've come to expect from Kojima.

"I’m thinking smaller-scale, not too many people, and focusing on game creation at first," the game designer said.

Kojima hopes to create games that are "more edgy" and explore new ideas. Shinkawa said he would be overseeing the art and design of mechs. The studio could expand beyond games with Kojima saying he wanted to work with director Guillermo del Toro on a new project.