“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t think her daughter, Kylie, should move in with her reputed boyfriend, rapper Tyga, Hollywood Life wrote in an exclusive report Tuesday. Tyga and Kylie, who still have not confirmed their relationship, supposedly want to move into a $2.7 million mansion together.

Because of their age gap (Tyga is 25, and Kylie is 17) and the cheating rumors (the rapper reportedly had a fling with transgender model Mia Isabella), the "I Am Cait" star doesn’t want them to rush into anything. “Caitlyn listened and addressed some her of her concerns, like the age difference, and told Tyga it’s too soon for him to be living at her daughter’s house,” a source said.

But the rapper still wants to move in with the teenager. “Tyga wanted to make it clear to Caitlyn that, first and foremost, he loves Kylie. He told Caitlyn that he’s not with her for the wrong reasons and that he doesn’t want her money,” the source said. There wouldn’t be any “funny business” going on in the house and he would make sure Kylie is taken care of, Tyga supposedly said.

kylie-jennertyga Tyga, pictured with Kylie Jenner, has not publicly defended his 17-year-old girlfriend over her social media feud with Amandla Stenberg. Photo: Getty Images/Equinox/Mike Windle

The “Last Kings” entertainer might have other things on his mind than moving in with the reality star. His alleged tryst with Isabella has been widely reported, and he has written several indirect tweets about the scandal.

Kylie, however, has remained silent about Tyga’s fidelity, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a controversy of her own. She was called out by “Hunger Games” star Amandla Stenberg over the weekend after the reality star posted a picture of herself with cornrows. The actress claimed Kylie was appropriating black culture. The teenager didn’t respond to this scandal either.

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