Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna (pictured at the 2015 BET Awards) posted and deleted "ugly" pictures of herself to Instagram Monday. Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

Blac Chyna could only stay quiet for so long. As Tyga’s ex-fiancé, she and his reputed girlfriend Kylie Jenner have thrown passive-aggressive insults at each other on social media. She stayed quiet after news broke that the rapper supposedly cheated on Jenner with transgender model Mia Isabella-- until Thursday.

Chyna took to Instagram to promote Phone Marvels, an organization that claims it will help suspicious people determine if their partner is cheating. “Ever wonder who BAE is textin and callin when you're not around? Yeah, so is the rest of the world... Go follow @phonemarvels and click the link in their bio to find out NOW. Man this site is gonna ruin some relationships this summer!” she captioned the post.

It’s another one of her passive-aggressive hits that seem to be aimed at Jenner and Tyga. The scandal blew up after supposed texts and nude photos sent between the rapper and Isabella were exposed.

Kylie Jenner_tyga
"Don't trust everything you read. Most people don't care if u happy, only if you're miserable like they are," Tyga (pictured with Kylie Jenner) wrote on Twitter Monday. Getty Images/Equinox/Mike Windle

The latest rumor, courtesy of Media Take Out, claims Jenner called things off with Tyga because of the scandal. "Tyga is going through some things right now, and Kylie wants no part of that. She's at a good point in her career and she doesn't need that kind of scandal surrounding her,” an insider told MTO. “For now [Kylie] is allowing Tyga to deal with the situation and she's going to focus on her career."

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star hasn’t spoken to the rapper since the drama unfolded, MTO wrote. Even though Tyga has reportedly tried to contact her, she refuses to respond to his text messages.

Though Jenner hasn’t issued a statement about the alleged cheating, Tyga had something to say. He essentially denied the entire scandal. “The devil is working hard,” he said. Since then, the rapper has stayed off Twitter.

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