Lady Gaga performs concluding a gay rights march in Rome
U.S. singer Lady Gaga performs during a gay pride concert in downtown Rome June 11, 2011. REUTERS

Lady Gaga says she writes her best songs while drifting off to sleep and records them in her cell phone that she doesn't forget them in the morning. Gaga told British TV host Paul O'Grady that most of her inspiration comes just before sleep. I just have to (write songs). Sometimes in the middle of night when I'm falling asleep I have a lot of ideas, then wake up and record them into my phone and send it to my producers and then I fall asleep, pop star was quoted as saying.

Lady Gaga famous for her outlandish performances and borderline uncanny songs received commercial and critical success with hits like The Fame, Just Dance and Poker Face. Her most recent release Born This Way had sparked a controversy in several countries including Lebanon, where the authorities called for banning the song describing it as offensive to Christianity, the pop star still maintains that the song is a self-styled gay anthem.