• Lando Norris confident in McLaren performance in 2020
  • Team Racing CEO Zak Brown cautious about 2020 season
  • Lando Norris accidentally reveals launch date for 2020 car

McLaren's performance throughout 2019 was one of the main talking points last season. Team driver Lando Norris has predicted another step for McLaren in the coming campaign.

McLaren ended the season as the fourth fastest team in 2019, finishing with 54 points in the constructor's championship.

There have been subtle alterations to the car considering 2020 regulations, and Norris admitted he is optimistic about the chances of his team for the season.

He stated the current car for this season is more of an adaptation compared to the previous year's car. Norris at the Autosport International show also added he believes the team has done a good job working on the areas they were lagging in 2019.

Norris also recently accidentally let slip that McLaren's 2020 Formula 1 Car, the MCL35 is going to be revealed on February 13.

Norris took over the McLaren social media account on Monday to give the fans a tour of the McLaren Technology Centre.

During a live-stream of the team's YouTube channel, Norris stumbled on a meeting with his colleagues.

It was at that time that he told thousands of viewers when the new challenger would be released from their Woking headquarters.

Later the team tried to play it off as if they had been planning to reveal the date of the launch. If the slip up is to be believed, then McLaren is going to be the third team thus far to reveal the launch date of their 2020 car.

In any case, Norris was enthusiastic about how he expected the team to excel in 2020, but the same was not said of team Racing Chief Executive Zak Brown.

He felt the jump the team made from 2018 to 2019 may have skewed the expectations of fans.

Brown claimed there was a big step made from 2018 to 2019. Part of the reason was they did very badly in 2018, so it was not hard to make progress in 2019. He believes the same progress may not be seen from 2019 to 2020.

There were references to the fact James Key did not develop the car last year but did so with this year's version, so there is some anticipation on how that will look like.

Brown did advise that the team needs to get more race fit, tidier, and to get a head start. The 2021 McLaren is already being tested in the wind tunnel, and they feel good about the 2020 version, but a lot of work is needed to yield desirable results.

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