the last ship
“The Last Ship” Season 3 aired its final episode on Sunday, Sept. 11. TNT

“The Last Ship” Season 3 concluded with a big win for Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and the Nathan James Crew, but their victory also came with a few devastating losses.

Fortunately, the cliffhanger in the Season 3 finale will not remain unanswered for long as “The Last Ship” Seasons 4 and 5 have been confirmed by TNT, according to CinemaBlend. “The Last Ship” Season 4 will also have 13 episodes like the last two seasons.

Meanwhile, in “The Last Ship” Season 3, episode 13, titled “Don’t Look Back,” Roberta Price (Lucy Butler) managed to survive the crew’s attack on the individual regional leaders and teamed up with Allison Shaw (Elisabeth Rohm) for one final attack on the Nathan James. Shaw, however, betrayed Price and escaped White House to kidnap Chandler’s children, killing their grandfather (Bill Smitrovich) in the process.

Shaw succeeded in exchanging the kids for Chandler, who nearly killed her in his devastation over his father’s death before Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson) managed to talk him down from it. But after Tex got shot during a crossfire and died from the wound, Chandler put Shaw down for good. “The Last Ship” Season 3 finale ended with Chandler resigning from his post as the CNO of the James and deboarding the ship for a final time.

“The Last Ship” showrunner Steven Kane opened up about the Season 3 finale during an interview with TV Line, where he said that all of the losses Chandler experienced in the last episode was the “price of leadership.” “We thought that of all the characters who could have had some sort of breakdown or just felt the most burden, it would be Chandler. He has been there for everybody else and hasn’t really had a shoulder to cry on or a person to talk to, aside from a few trusted advisors, but he kind of says it himself: ‘The world keeps falling apart and we keep having to fix it,’” he said of the character.

“He began the season as this icon on a wall, a meme for everyone to see as ‘the most famous man in the world,’ someone who just wants to serve, and we wanted to take him through this journey where by the end he sort of crosses the line for himself and says, ‘I need a break,’” he said of the finale scene where Chandler gives up his CNO status. “We gave a lot of closure in the season, a lot of things are wrapped up and there’s basically a happy ending, so we thought it’d be great to sort of leave Chandler in a place where you wonder, ‘Where’s he going to be next time you see him, when we come back for Season 4? And can he ever get back that feeling he had that allowed him to stay this rock for everybody for three seasons?’”

The showrunner also shared a juicy spoiler for “The Last Ship” Season 4, confirming that Bridget Regan will be back next season to reprise her role as Sasha, according to the publication.

TNT has not yet released an official premiere date for "The Last Ship" Season 4, but the series is expected to start airing in June 2017.