• Naughty Dog's "The Last Of Us 2" is one of the most anticipated releases in 2020
  • The game is now available on PlayStation 4
  • "The Last of Us 2" achieved an impressive feat by breaking records in the UK

“The Last of Us 2” is one of the highly anticipated titles exclusively releasing on Sony’s current-generation PlayStation 4. Although the release of the game was delayed several times, it appears that fans do not mind. The recently released sequel to the successful title from Naughty Dog is now breaking records in the UK just a few days after it becomes available.

The latest news about the impressive feat achieved by “The Last of Us 2” was shared on Twitter by publisher Christopher Ding. The sequel is the fastest-selling game on PlayStation 4 in the U.K. In boxed sales alone, the title is bigger than the launch of “Uncharted 4.”

“The Last of Us 2” is by far, the biggest game launch of 2020, the publisher noted. The recently released sequel to “The Last of Us” destroyed the opening sales of the popular title “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” It also surpassed the sales of its predecessor by 76 percent.

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A former employee is claiming that he was sexually harassed while he was still working at Naughty Dog.

Gamerant describes “The Last of Us 2” as one of the most ambitious titles to-date from Naughty Dog. It praises the game for its compelling storytelling and beautiful graphics. It adds that the early sales numbers are just in the UK, noting that the risks the gaming studio took seemingly paid off.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer speculated that more people who downloaded “The Last of Us 2.” The recent report about the sales of the game in the UK does not include the digital sales, the site clarified. Naughty Dog’s latest offering smashed the launch weekend sales of Nintendo’s exclusive title ”Animal Crossing.” It sold 40 percent higher than the popular and fastest-selling Switch’s title.

The latest feat achieved by “The Last of Us 2” is not really surprising even if some disappointed fans are review bombing the title. The game is one of the most talked-about titles since 2018 even before Sony announced and released its first game trailer. “The Last of Us 2” is exclusively available on Sony’s current generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4.