New leaks suggest that Apple's fifth generation iPhone or iPhone 5 will be positioning the flash and camera lens further apart than they are in the current version.

According to, a website that has posted numerous Apple-related hardware leaks in the past, including the tiny touchscreen that last year became the centerpiece of the new iPod Nano, the rear camera of iPhone 5 may not have the accompanying LED flash to its right, as does iPhone 4.

Incidentally, Gadgets DNA (via MacRumors) also reported that a certain Guangdong, China-based Kulcase is listing an alleged Newest design crystal case for Apple iPhone 5g on the company's site. The case suggests that iPhone 5 will have its rear camera flash moved to the opposite corner from the camera.

Other iPhone 5-related rumors flooding the Internet are:

1. iPhone 5 will sport a larger screen, possibly an edge-to-edge 3.7 inch display

2. iPhone 5 will have a thinner profile

3. iPhone 5 will come equipped with a faster A5 processor

4. iPhone 5 will boast of an improved antenna (it should, considering the debacle of iPhone 4)

5. iPhone 5 will sport an 8-megapixel camera

6. iPhone 5 will have Qualcomm baseband

7. iPhone 5 will not be launched till end of 2011 or even early 2012 as production will not begin until September

8. iPhone 5 will be renamed iPhone 4S or iPhone 5G