• Sony will release the PS5 in the holiday of 2020
  • The Japanese console maker admits that at this point, it is not ready to fully reveal the PS5
  • Sony will make PS5 games at launch playable to PS4, according to a new report

With the imminent release of Sony’s next-generation gaming console and with the hype of its official unveiling, fans are now more excited than ever. Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan earlier said there are lots of PS5 features that are not yet revealed to fans. 

A new report from Bloomberg reveals that a wide range of video titles available on PS5 at launch would also be available on the PlayStation 4. While this is a piece of not-so-good news to early adopters, it is definitely great news for owners of Sony’s current generation gaming console. If the latest report pans out, then most experiences that the PS5 would bring to players would be limited because of the restrictions of the current generation gaming console.

This move could be one of Sony’s strategy in transitioning players of the PS4 to  PS5. Earlier, the Japanese gaming console maker said that it would make necessary adjustments to allow smoother transitions of players from current generation gaming console to the PlayStation 5. Bloomberg also reported on the patience of Sony Interactive Entertainment executives on the cost of the PS5 to foster the easier transition of console gamers.

PlayStation Handheld Gaing Console? It appears that the PlayStation 5 will feature visually-stunning titles right from launch. Photo: AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

So far, Sony has not yet released any statement related to this report. Earlier, HipHopGamer shared on his YouTube channel that PS5 would have the ability to play PS2, PS3, and PS4 games. A patent filed by Sony also talks about a technology, which the Japanese maker could use to equip the PS5 with authentic backward compatibility. Fans are still waiting for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s announcement on other significant features of the PS5.

Additionally, PS5 fans are anticipating that Sony might announce the official unveiling of the PlayStation 5 anytime soon. Sony, recently, launched the official website of its upcoming gaming console. It also informs fans that it could not fully reveal the PS5 yet. Several rumors claim that the PS5 might unveil at the end of this month while others believe it would take place in the early part of Mar.

At this point, we only know From Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan that the PS5 would arrive sometime in the holiday of 2020.