• PurrSong launched Lavviewater at MWC 2022
  • The smart device keeps track of cats' water intake
  • It provides fresh water to cats

A plethora of new products are being showcased at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain and among them is the PurrSong LavvieWater. The smart product promises to take care of your pet cat's wellbeing by using a new way to monitor one of the feline's crucial but often overlooked activities -- drinking water.

LavvieWater is an intelligent water dispenser that monitors cats' water consumption. It is a premium Internet of Things (IoT) product that not only provides freshwater to cats but also encourages them to drink more water.

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Pet owners can check their cat's water intake by observing the circulating water level. It is equipped with multiple filters in its storage to purify the water while constantly circulating it to keep it fresh.

It also features an electro-magnet motor that rotates and pumps water to the storage. Since cats have high Dynamic Visual Acuity, PurrSong designed LavvieWater to provide flowing water to entice cats to come near the dispenser, which significantly increases their chance of drinking water and staying hydrated.

It also comes with a water level adjustment feature to suit the cat's preference. Pet owners can set the device to a low pump with kittens and a high water pump for playful cats.

Additionally, it has a three-layered filter that contains a bio sure bag and mineral balls. These elements help filter out dust and fur while preventing bacteria from growing inside the tank. PurrSong also ensured that the electro-magnet motor is located under the storage, preventing it from touching the water.

Moreover, all the surfaces that touch the water feature ceramic lamination. It is believed that the smooth surface of ceramic inhibits bacterial growth as well as water stains. With ceramic lamination, surfaces do not scratch easily, ensuring germs do not have any spots to stay.

The best part is, LavvieWater is designed in a way that pet owners can easily assemble it even without the professional's help.

All the data collected by LavvieWater can be analyzed on the PurrSong app, which is available to pet owners 24/7. The available analysis provides information about their cats' water intake, frequency and pattern to the pet owners.

It also shows a deviation in pattern, which could indicate a potential illness. The app also alerts owners if it detects the cat is consuming lesser water than required, recommending owners to provide supplementary resources to compensate for the lack of water intake.

The LavvieWater is an intelligent filtered water dispenser that increases the chance of cats to drink water, provides fresh flowing water and monitors cat water intake and wellbeing. This makes the LavvieWater a product worthy of our Best of MWC 2022 award.


LavvieWater is set to release sometime in the third quarter of 2022.