For its 10th year anniversary, Riot Games finally revealed more details about its fighting game, "Project L." The game is still in the early development stage and will also use characters from its famous “League of Legends” game. However, will this title survive against its competition in the fighting game industry?

Look and Feel

On the 10th year anniversary “League of Legends” livestream, Riot Games gave its fighting game “Project L” as a tentative title. The footage featured for this game were mostly developer talks and sneak peeks of the upcoming look and feel for some of its characters.

So far, four “League of Legends” characters are shown in development for Project L. These champions are Katarina, Darius, Ahri and Jinx. The full movesets for these characters are yet to be confirmed.

The game also features the standard health bar and special move meter normally found in fighting games with more fantasy elements such as Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, and Injustice. Most of “League of Legends” champions are known to pull off superhuman feats as they battle and possibly translate well into this fighting game too.

Riot Games has yet to say any release dates for the whole game or even a beta test for players to try out this title. Nevertheless, many “League of Legends” fans and fighting game players are looking forward how this title would feel.

Looks Forgettable

While Riot Games is known for the competitive quality of “League of Legends,” it still has to look to its competition in not only establishing itself. Riot Games needs to establish the game to have a healthy playerbase before making it into a competitive eSports title like it did with “League of Legends.”

As seen in the footage in the development reel, Project L lacks any hook in its visuals or its mechanics to convince a player to pick it up. Many modern fighting games have great game mechanics but never get as popular due to its lacking graphics since Capcom blundered with “Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite.”

Riot Games will need to reveal more details about Project L that captures many players for it to have a fighting chance and ward off the danger of becoming a forgettable fighting game title.

The new League Of Legends logo.
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