• Morgana is an AP caster who works well as a support and mid-lane mage
  • She excels at locking down enemies and saving teammates from harmful magic
  • Morgana burns through mana very quickly, especially during the early game

The latest addition to “Wild Rift’s” growing roster of support champions is Morgana, a fallen angel with some very potent CC abilities to help lockdown important targets and protect squishy teammates.

Unlike her sister Kayle, Morgana provides invaluable utility to her team with her snares, stuns and anti-magic barrier. Here’s a short guide on how to bring out her true potential in the fast and furious games of “Wild Rift.”

Morgana Gameplay Tips

Players can take Morgana as a Dragon lane support or as a mid-lane mage; her playstyle remains the same either way, sans the usual nuances of playing as a mid-laner.

Morgana can clear minion waves very quickly with Tormented Shadow, which will open up enemies to a follow-up Dark Binding for a good chunk of damage and a 2-3 second stun depending on the skill’s level. Catching enemies with Dark Binding is the core of Morgana’s playstyle, as it often allows teammates to secure a kill thanks to the ability’s long duration.

Kayle and Morgana officially join the Wild Rift roster in Patch 2.6 Kayle and Morgana officially join the Wild Rift roster in Patch 2.6 Photo: Riot Games

In team fights, don’t be afraid to walk straight to the middle of the enemy team to use Soul Shackles, which will damage and stun all enemies it hits after a short duration. Rooting an enemy with Dark Binding can guarantee a Soul Shackles stun, so keep this in mind when facing an enemy alone.

Lastly, don’t forget to use Black Shield to engage enemies or protect teammates from incoming CC effects.

Best “Wild Rift” Morgana Builds

Items that grant AP and HP are great on Morgana, but ultimately, this depends on the player’s preference. Try this support-oriented Morgana build designed for helping teammates in lane:

  • Core Items
    • Rod of Ages
    • Harmonic Echo
    • Liandry’s Torment
    • Ionian Boots of Lucidity with Stasis
  • Optional Items
    • Morellonomicon
    • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
    • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Runes
    • Summon Aery
    • Weakness
    • Loyalty
    • Manaflow Band
  • Spells
    • Flash
    • Heal or Exhaust

This build strikes a balance between offense, defense and utility. Morgana can do a surprising amount of damage with all of her abilities. With enough defensive items, she can run up to the enemy team, hit her ult, then pop Stasis to guarantee a few stuns while her teammates move in to clean up any survivors.

Level up either Dark Binding or Tormented Shadow first, then go for Black Shield last.