• Kayle is a hypercarry with very strong late game potential
  • Morgana is a support with powerful CC and anti-CC abilities
  • Dr. Mundo's rework will go live on "Wild Rift" once the new patch drops

Riot has revealed the next two champions coming to “League of Legends: Wild Rift” as the hype for Zaun and Piltover slowly dies down following “Arcane’s” massive success.

The mobile versions of angelic sisters Kayle and Morgana will arrive in “Wild Rift” in the next patch, along with the usual barrage of fixes and balance changes. There’s a lot to be excited about with these new champions, so here’s an overview of what they can do and what roles they can fill.

Kayle, The Righteous

Kayle is a hard carry champion who trades early-game prowess for extreme late-game potential. She relies heavily on items and level advantages to gain the upper hand, as her ability scalings are relatively poor compared to the rest of the roster.

Although she starts off as a melee champion, Kayle eventually gains AoE ranged auto attacks that deal both Physical and Magic damage, making her difficult to itemize against. Riot has not yet revealed how much her kit has changed compared to her PC counterpart, but players can expect some significant differences considering how fast “Wild Rift” games tend to play out.

Kayle and Morgana is entering Wild Rift on Patch 2.6
Kayle and Morgana is entering Wild Rift on Patch 2.6 Riot Games

Morgana, The Fallen

Morgana is an AP support caster with oppressive CC and anti-CC abilities. Unlike her sister, Morgana specializes in initiating fights, locking enemies in place and protecting teammates from magic. She may not be able to win games by herself, but the support Morgana provides is invaluable, especially at the hands of a skilled player.

As a support champion, Morgana is useful at all stages of a match. She’s notorious for her long-ranged root ability that can often secure a kill due to its frustratingly long duration. She can also disable an entire team by diving into the middle of a fight and tethering enemies for a short while, stunning them should they fail to escape in time.

Dr. Mundo Rework

Though technically not a new champion, Dr. Mundo will be receiving a rework that will put him up to speed with his PC counterpart. This rework will completely change how the champion looks and feels without veering away from his core identity as a tanky bruiser with massive HP and regeneration rates.

Find out more about these champions once Patch 2.6 goes live this Thursday.