• Lucian and Senna are planned to be released later in Patch 2.3's update cycle
  • Both are effective marksmen with complementing strengths and weaknesses
  • They will receive balance changes to match that of the other "Wild Rift" champions

“League of Legends: Wild Rift” Patch 2.3 is bringing a total of four new champions to the game, with Irelia and Riven taking the spotlight for the first half of the patch cycle along with the usual rebalances to keep the game fresh and healthy. Later on, Riot will be adding two more champions to keep the Dragon Lane lively.

The dynamic duo of Lucian and Senna will be arriving in “Wild Rift” in the later phases of Patch 2.3, Riot revealed in its dev diary. This husband and wife team will be rebalanced for the mobile MOBA’s shorter matches, so players should temper their expectations.

Lucian, the Purifier, is one of the more interesting marksmen champions. He’s a short-ranged, burst-oriented skirmisher who excels at bullying his lane opponents with his twin pistols.

Lucian can dish out large amounts of damage in short windows of time thanks to his passive that lets him shoot twice after every spellcast, but he does get outclassed by hypercarries like Tristana and Vayne in the late game.

Senna, the Redeemer, is the first hybrid marksman/support champion in “League of Legends.” Unlike Lucian’s fast and furious kit, Senna prefers to stay far from enemies while blasting them with her oversized rail cannon.

Her first ability lets her fire a beam in a line that hurts enemies and heals allies, and her unique passive lets her scale well into the late game even without items thanks to passive stat bonuses.

It’s unclear whether they’ll be receiving any modifiers to their abilities like some of the other champions in “Wild Rift,” but Riot’s short preview of the two in action showed that they’ll largely be staying the same. However, minor changes to their stats and functions are to be expected so they remain in line with the rest of “Wild Rift’s” cast in terms of balancing and control handling.

Players can expect an event in the future that will allow them to get either Lucian or Senna for free, similar to the previous events that offered new champions as rewards.

Senna and Lucian are expected to arrive sometime later in the patch’s duration in a similar fashion to Renekton’s release in the previous update.

Lucian's updated 3D preview model for Wild Rift
Lucian's updated 3D preview model for Wild Rift Riot Games