• The new patch will introduce Rammus to "Wild Rift"
  • The new Stargazer skin line will feature Twisted Fate, Soraka and Camille
  • The patch also includes usual changes to champions and items

The latest patch for “League of Legends: Wild Rift” is set to introduce a sleek new set of skins, the newly-revamped Rammus and the usual list of changes to champions and items to keep the game’s balance in check. This will be the second major patch since the game’s release in the Americas and is currently the second one in the 2.2 series of updates.

New Content

Patch 2.2a is putting Rammus, the Armordillo, in the spotlight as the second non-human champion in the upcoming lineup. Rammus is a tank with a heavy emphasis on returning damage to attackers and engagement with his signature move, Powerball. In “Wild Rift,” Rammus is able to leap into the fray with his ultimate, further boosting his ability to initiate and dive into fights as his team’s frontline fighter.

The Stargazer skin line for Wild Rift
The Stargazer skin line for Wild Rift. Riot Games

The Stargazer skin line is coming to Patch 2.2a with new skins for Twisted Fate, Soraka and Camille. The Stargazer set has a distinct aesthetic that’s deeply rooted in mystical astrology, with sleek outfit designs lined with golden accents. This skin line is exclusive to “Wild Rift,” further setting it apart from the main PC game in terms of content and concept.

Champion Changes

The latest wave of balance changes is hitting a number of the game’s existing tank characters, with Alistair, Galio and Dr. Mundo receiving nerfs to their survivability and damage output. Meanwhile, Leona and Blitzcrank have been buffed to get them on-par with the other champions in terms of utility.

As for the Fighters, Shyvana is receiving a nerf to her base HP and damage on her (1) and (3) abilities. Vi will be getting an increase to her ultimate’s cooldown and a reduction to her base armor. Meanwhile, Pantheon will be receiving a buff to his damage output with his Comet Spear and his base AD stat and AD growth.

Item Changes

Only two items will be receiving balance passes this time around, and they are the Infinity Orb and the Sunfire Aegis.

The Infinity Orb will have its gold cost increased to match its actual power as an item, while Sunfire Aegis will have a slight nerf to its late-game damage output by having lower damage scalings with its base damage-per-level and HP-to-Damage ratio.