• "Abandoned is a survival horror title from Blue Box Game Studios
  • The game was announced to launch on PS5
  • "Abandoned" real-time experience app is scheduled to launch on Aug. 25

The mysterious game from Blue Box Game Studios, "Abandoned," has been attracting massive attention from gamers and fans who love to create theories. More information about the game started to come out and the most recent came from the most unlikely place — the PSN profile of the founder of Blue Box Game Studios.

A new set of screenshots from "Abandoned" has leaked online, courtesy the game director's PSN account. And before things went out of hand, Hasan Kahraman, the owner of the PSN profile and the game director confirmed that the leaked images were actually genuine in-game screenshots.

On Thursday, Kahraman responded to a Twitter user's query on the veracity of the leaked screenshots. The studio founder confirmed that those images were from the game's 2019 version, which was "a lot different back then."

Abandoned - Announcement Teaser | PS5
Abandoned is an cinematic horror survival shooter that emulates realistic survival in first person perspective set in an massive detailed open world environment. PlayStation Official YouTube channel

He also explained that the images were taken from a game's version used to test the max power of the PlayStation 4. The game director said it ran on PlayStation 4 Pro with native 3840 x 2160 resolution targeting 60 FPS with 8K textures.

Kahraman also noted that while the version of "Abandoned" worked on the gaming console, the gaming system was "not powerful enough to create the full game." The leaked in-game images do not give away a lot of information about the game because they are dark.

However, it appears that the images were taken in an outdoor forest setting. The screenshots also give a "Blair Witch" vibe. Twitter user Leon Hurley shared that when the brightness level of the image showing the brick wall was increased, a large mushroom was visible.

The mushroom could be a part of some sort of crafting mechanic or collectible in "Abandoned," a mechanic similar to that in the survival horror title "The Forest." It is also possible that it is just a part of the design for the location.

For some time, fans have speculated that "Abandoned" is actually a "Metal Gear Solid" title. Others claimed Hideo Kojima is behind the horror game.

"Abandoned" is an upcoming survival horror title announced for PS5. The game is currently in development at Blue Box Game Studios. The game developer is scheduled to launch its real-time experience app on Aug. 25.