• Sony Interactive Entertainment is rumored to fully reveal the PS5 console in May
  • Ahead of its rumored debut, a new set of PS5 and DualSense concept images surfaced online
  • The new concept renders show the PS5 and the next generation gaming console controller in stunning all-black design

Sony Interactive Entertainment is rumored to hold a full PS5 gaming console reveal in May 2020. While the Japanese gaming giant has earlier trickled some information about its next generation gaming console, fans have no idea on the actual look and design of the PS5. A new set of concept images recently rounds online, revealing the stunning look of Sony’s much-awaited gaming console.

Latest PS5 Render

A fresh set of renders designed by the Italian Graphic Designer Guiseppe Spinelli in collaboration with LetsGoDigital shows the stunning look of the PS5. Earlier the graphic designer revealed the all-white design of Sony’s next generation gaming console. But his most recent creation shows a gorgeous all-black PS5 with a metallic logo and blue LEDs.

Just like Spinelli’s all-white version, the jet-black PS5 underlines some of his practical touches. It includes the USB ports located in the front part of the next generation gaming console along with the disc drive. The graphic designer also placed two rows of ventilation holes to allow the circulation of air inside the console in a more efficient manner.

Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said

The all-black version is visually less prominent than the all-white PS5 version, but the latest design is also stunning. The PS5 concept made by Spinelli highlights the console’s sleek design. But, it also gives fans that classic PlayStation feel with the jet black washover.

All-Black PS5 DualSense Controller Render

Meanwhile, Spinelli’s take on the all-black PS5 DualSense controller is also stunning. It pays homage to Sony’s latest design language for the next generation gaming console but with a color that gives fans a familiar feel over the all-white version the Italian graphic designer made several days earlier.

Other PS5 Details

A few days ago, VGC reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment might hold an event next month for the official and full reveal of the PS5 console. The Japanese gaming console maker has not yet made any statements regarding this matter, but fans are hopeful that a full PS5 reveal could happen the soonest. Microsoft is also rumored to debut its more affordable Xbox Series S next month.

Both Microsoft’s next generation gaming console, the Xbox Series X and Sony’s PS5 are scheduled to arrive sometime in holiday 2020.