• Microsoft ealier announced that the Xbox Series X will be released sometime in the holiday of 2020
  • For several months rumors about another gaming console from Microsoft are making rounds online claiming that it has a code name Lockheart
  • A new report claim that the Xbox Series S also known as code name Lockheart is finally entering its last stage of production

Microsoft and Sony are two of the biggest names in the gaming console industry. Both industry giants are now preparing for the release of their respective next generation gaming consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PS5. While fans could not yet decide which is the best, a new report claims that Microsoft has a secret weapon that could beat the PS5.

Microsoft’s Secret Weapon

A new report from Windows Central reveals that Microsoft would announce the new Xbox console(s) in May 2020. The console’s launch will reportedly happen alongside the announcement of the latest Surface products and a new pair of headphones with the Xbox brand. Additionally, the report claims that Microsoft is now testing the Series S of the next generation gaming console underlining the imminent reveal.

Windows Central’s James Corden shares that that Xbox Series S or the Lockheart is already in the take home testing stage. Several employees of the Redmond-based tech giant are reportedly bringing the gaming console home so they could try and give feedback. For most products, the take home testing stage is the final stage before the company announces it to the public.

Some say the next Xbox will be 'the most powerful console ever'
Some say the next Xbox will be 'the most powerful console ever' AFP / ROBYN BECK

Xbox Series S Details

For the uninitiated, the gaming industry earlier learned that the Xbox Series S is the gaming console hidden under the code name Lockheart. This particular model is speculated to house a powerful 4 Teraflops GPU. While it may look a little less powerful than the 12 teraflops GPU of the Xbox Series X, it is way higher than the 1.3 and 1.4 teraflops GPU of the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Moreover, the Xbox Series S or the Lockheart would reportedly feature faster NVME memory to provide faster loading. It is also allegedly capable of offering more immersive lighting and limited ray-tracing. The latest leak about the Xbox Series S or Lockheart is a strong indication that Microsoft is preparing a couple of gaming consoles to rival the PS5.

However, this does not mean that the latest report is an official acknowledgment from Microsoft that the console with the code name Lockheart indeed exists. As the case, take these details with a good measure of salt.