“Legacies” is the second “Vampire Diaries” spinoff, and it’s set to bring back plenty of characters. However, despite running the school at the center of the CW TV show, Caroline Forbes-Salvatore won’t be among the familiar faces. Showrunner Julie Plec promised the absence was part of a storyline.

“I don’t know when we’ll see her,” Plec told Entertainment Weekly. “I, of course, would like to see her anytime. The door is open. But the girls are dealing with the fact that their mother, who has raised them, is a little absentee lately.”

Caroline, of course, didn’t up and abandon the kids she raised with Alaric (Matt Davis). She has told them part of the reason she is traveling, but she won’t tell them the whole truth.

Legacies Caroline
Caroline (Candice King) will be absent from "Legacies" when the spinoff premieres in the fall. The CW/Annette Brown

“They believe she’s off on recruiting missions,” Plec added. “Alaric knows she’s actually off doing other things that have to do with the long-term survival of their daughters. So the mystery of, where is Caroline, why isn’t she coming home for their birthday, that kind of thing is gonna be part of our story in the hopes that one day we’ll be able to have her walk through the doors as well.”

What’s coming after the girls? Well, in Mystic Falls, it could be a variety of monsters. However, Caroline might be researching the Gemini Coven’s Merge ritual, which was first explored on “The Vampire Diaries.” The coven, of which Josie and Lizzie are the only surviving members, requires the twins to combine forces. The strongest one will kill the other and absorb their magic. Without performing the ritual, the coven dies.

The ritual happens when the witches are 22, so Caroline still has some time. But after watching Klaus (Joseph Morgan) sacrifice himself for Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) in the “Originals” series finale, Caroline might be motivated to find a solution as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, this is speculation about the Merge ritual, so it’s entirely possible that there’s another threat to the “long-term survival” of Josie and Lizzie. To find out more, fans will have to tune in to the “Legacies” Season 1 premiere on Thursday, Oct. 25 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.