“The Originals” series finale gave the Mikaelsons very different endings. While some got their happily ever afters, others died. The CW show ended Wednesday night with two major deaths.

The series finale picked up where “The Originals” Season 5 left off last week. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had Caroline’s (Candice King) daughters siphon The Hollow from Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) while she was going through her first werewolf transition. After the dark magic was put into Klaus, the Original vampire intended to kill himself.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) shows up to argue with Klaus about dying just as he is about to stake himself. Hope suddenly appears, shocked and angry about her father’s plan, delaying his suicide.

They return to New Orleans, and Freya (Riley Voelkel) explains to Hope that The Hollow will feed on Klaus’ strength. He only has hours to live, and nothing can slow down the process he has started.

How did the Originals end?
Klaus was determined to die on his own terms in the "Originals" series finale. The CW/Bob Mahoney

Klaus, meanwhile, is hallucinating visions of his father Mikael (Sebastian Roché) and Cami (Leah Pipes). Mikael acts as the devil on his shoulder, telling Klaus that he should kill Hope while Cami encourages him to run.

Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) is running too. Rebekah catches him as he is trying to escape town. “Happiness is a choice you’re incapable of accepting,” Kol tells his sister. He isn’t particularly sad about Klaus’ demise, and he isn’t much for the “always and forever” stuff. Rebekah is disappointed in him.

Hope and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) go out into the Mardi Gras craziness to find Klaus. Marcel wants Hope to accept Klaus’ disappearance. He knows Klaus could be dangerous, but Hope isn’t giving up on her dad yet. When she finds Klaus in the French Quarter, Cami and Mikael are still pulling him in both directions. Elijah shows up to snap Klaus’ neck before he can decide which voice to listen to.

Meanwhile, Freya goes to Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) to find a spell that will help Klaus at least enjoy his last hours without the voices, and Vincent decides to deliver more bad news and says he is leaving New Orleans. The Mikaelson witch is shocked and suddenly tells him that she and Keelin are having a baby. They want Vincent to be the father. She doesn’t let him give an answer before she runs off with her spell.

The Originals Freya Keelin
Freya and Keelin decide to start a family in the series finale of "The Originals." The CW/Annette Brown

When Klaus awakens, Elijah says Freya channeled some of the dark energy into him. Elijah says Klaus owes his family a proper goodbye. He asks his brother to just let him be.

Then, Caroline shows up to “collect a debt.” She plays a voicemail that Klaus left her about 15 years ago. It’s from “The Originals” episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” where Klaus says he is standing in New Orleans and hopes to show the city to Caroline one day.

While Caroline gets a tour, Vincent reveals he is scared of bringing a child into this world, but Freya thinks it could be a good thing. Vincent doesn’t want to do it.

Elsewhere, Marcel says he understands why Rebekah is upset because he is too. Regardless of how flawed her brothers are, they’re still family and this will still be a loss. Rebekah realizes Kol is right. Happiness is a choice. So she kisses Marcel.

Caroline and Klaus are in a bar, and Klaus wonders if Caroline would be here if he weren’t dying. She says she probably would’ve let him chase her for a few more centuries. She encourages him to say goodbye to his daughter. She’ll have too many questions, and it’ll haunt Hope for the rest of her life if he avoids her.

Klaus admits he doesn’t know how to say goodbye. Caroline says he walks away and doesn’t look back, and he’ll know that not looking back actually means “I’ll never forget you.” Caroline leans in and kisses him before she gets up to leave without looking back.

Hope wonders why her father is spending his last hours without her. Elijah promises that Klaus is just afraid, but then Hope’s father returns. He tells her that dying, and killing this dark magic with him, is the only honorable thing he can do. Having a daughter helped him feel unconditional love for the first time, and he calls her his heart.

The Originals series finale
The Mikaelson family gathers to throw Klaus a funeral before he dies on the last episode of "The Originals." Bob Mahoney/The CW

His siblings, even Kol, along with Keelin and Marcel, start having a wake. They drink and remember Klaus. Then, Klaus and Hope join in to celebrate Klaus’ life.

They have dinner and a wish burning ceremony (where Elijah shoves his wish in his pocket). Then, Klaus makes a speech. He confesses that he loves his family. There’s one last chorus of “always and forever” before he steps away to take a moment with his daughter while Elijah discusses something with his siblings.

Hope tells Klaus that she’ll make him proud. She’ll go back to school and find a way to be O.K. She wants to do right by the Mikaelson name. He tells her that he loves her “more than all the days and nights, deeper than all the oceans and the skies.”

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah head to a bench where Klaus and Elijah once discussed their family’s future. Klaus tells Rebekah about the cure in Mystic Falls. In several decades, when Damon Salvatore dies, the cure will be up for grabs again. Caroline can make sure that Rebekah receives it if she wants to be a human again. She gives both Klaus and Elijah tearful hugs.

Klaus asks Elijah to not say a tearful goodbye, and Elijah agrees. He breaks the stake in two, and Elijah says he’ll die with his brother. He doesn’t want to live without Klaus. Elijah says that his purpose was always to find redemption for Klaus, and he truly believes that Klaus has been redeemed.

The Originals deaths
Elijah wants to face death with Klaus in "The Originals" series finale. The CW/Skip Bolen

Elijah already discussed it with the family, telling them that he’d take “always and forever” to the next level. They gave their blessing and promised to look after Hope.

“The Originals” shows the family as Klaus and Elijah prepare for death together. Hope looks at a family portrait and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is behind her, smiling. When Hope turns around, no one is there.

Vincent tells Freya and Keelin that he does want to have a baby after all. He realizes that if Klaus can sacrifice everything for his family, he can deal with the possibility of loss.

Marcel passes out train tickets and says vampires are leaving New Orleans. The city is going back to the people.

The Originals last episode
Marcel and Rebekah get back together in "The Originals" Season 5, episode 13. The CW/Bob Mahoney

Rebekah wants to go with Marcel. She says that she is going to take the cure to be human, and as long as he is O.K. with watching her grow old and die, she’d like to be his wife too. Marcel says, “I do.”

Klaus and Elijah are still by their bench, and Klaus wonders about the afterlife. Elijah says it doesn’t matter if there’s just darkness because they’ll face it together. They stake each other, and Elijah and Klaus die together.

“The Originals” fans will notice that Hope is really the only one who didn’t get a happy ending. That’s because there’s still more story for her. She’ll star in the spinoff “Legacies,” which premieres Thursday, Oct. 25 at 9 p.m. EDT.