Lenovo X1 Laptop
Lenovo launched the X1 Carbon laptop Monday which is claimed to the lightest 14-inch device Lenovo

Lenovo, the second largest PC manufacturer, unveiled a lighter and faster ThinkPad laptop Monday to appeal to users who prefer the convenience of tablets and smartphones.

The latest ThinkPad laptop comes with 3G wireless connectivity and features inspired by tablets and smartphones, Dilip Bhatia, Vice President, ThinkPad Business Unit, has told the Associated Press (AP).

ThinkPad X1 Carbon is expected to go on sale by August end, according to AP.

Though announcement regarding the laptop was made in May, the device was unveiled in China today. The announcement was accompanied with the claim that ThinkPad X1 Carbon was the lightest 14-inch Ultrabook weighing under 3 pounds, the PCWorld has reported.

The claim is plausible given the fact the company does not have much competition in that size, the PCWorld reports.

In addition to its slim body, the X1 is said to sport carbon fiber chassis, equipped with Intel Ivy Bridge processor, a backlit keyboard and a 1600-by-900 resolution display.

Apparently, the ThinkPad unit is also "excited" about Windows 8. But expectations on adoption of the new operating system are low among enterprise users as many companies are still transitioning from Windows XP to Windows 7, the PCWorld notes.

"I think the area that will help drive the adoption of Windows 8 for the enterprise is the tablet," Bhatia told PCWorld, noting that business customers expressed a need for the devices.

Though Lenovo is working on a ThinkPad tablet running the new OS, the authorities were not forthcoming with a release date.

The laptop launch Monday marks the 20th anniversary of ThinkPad product, which was first developed under IBM, but acquired by the Chinese PC maker in 2005.

The 14-inch notebook with an eight-hour battery life is likely to be priced at around $1,299.