LG Robots
LG Robots Fionna Agomuoh

Las Vegas -- Among many products showcased at LG’s CES 2017 press conference Wednesday, the manufacturer announced a line up of robots for both home and public spaces.

First, the Hub Robot is LG’s answer to devices including Amazon Echo and Google Home. The AI gateway connects IoT devices within the home. Users can communicate with the robot to execute specific tasks.

Other home robots include the Hom-Bot vacuum cleaning robot, which can detect objects in its cleaning path as well as people. If a person is in its way it will politely ask the person to step aside. LG also announced a lawn-mowing robot, which is pretty self explanatory.

Coming to Airports in 2017 are two LG’s robots: The Airbot, which serves are an AI hub for travelers to print boarding passes and get details about their flight and destinations. The second robot is another cleaning robot for airports.