The logo for the LG V30+ has leaked, confirming the existence of the previously rumored variant of the LG V30. REUTERS/Albert Gea

It was previously rumored that the LG V30 would arrive later this month with a “Plus” model. Now, a leaker may have finally confirmed the existence of the LG V30+.

Notorious leaker Evan Blass has shared what appears to be the official logo for the LG V30+ on his Twitter page. Blass may have shared the image to dissipate any doubts on the previously rumored variant of the LG V30. The LG V30+ was first rumored earlier this month and is believed to be announced alongside the regular LG V30 on Aug. 31. The V30+ is said to arrive with a larger 128GB storage, while the regular V30 will only have 64GB.

A “Plus” model isn’t really too surprising for LG. The company released the LG G6+ shortly after launching the regular LG G6. The G6+ arrived with bigger memory, RAM and color options. It’s not yet clear whether the LG V30+ plus will offer up the same features, but it is very highly likely.

LG has been promoting the LG V30 by confirming upcoming new features for the handset, but it hasn’t mentioned the V30+ yet. It’s possible that the V30+ might not even actually make its way to the United States. When the company announced the LG G6+, it was first released in South Korea, and then later in other select markets. However, the G6+ never arrived in the U.S., as pointed out by 9To5Google.

It’s possible that LG will do the same thing to the LG V30+, but that certainly won’t stop some users from finding a way to get it.

Previous leaks have also indicated that the LG V30 will have support for Quad DAC audio. Blass tweeted that Quad DAC audio support will be included on the LG V30 globally. The LG G6 arrived with Quad DAC audio support, but it was only restricted to countries in Asia.

Aside from possibly having larger storage, the LG V30+ is expected to come with the same features and design of the regular V30. So far, LG has confirmed that the V30 will arrive with an f/1.6 aperture lens for its main rear-facing camera. This means that the V30 will be more capable of taking good photos even in low-light situations.

LG has also teased that the V30 will arrive with a 6-inch curved P-OLED FullVision display. Previously leaked renders of the V30 shows that the device will have very slim bezels, with an overall design that appears to be a refinement from the LG G6.

What’s not returning to the V series however is the secondary display. Both the LG V10 and V20 featured a secondary display on top of its main display, which provided users with quick access to apps and shortcuts. For the LG V30, the company is introducing a software solution called Floating Bar to supplant the absence of the secondary display.

The LG V30 is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor along with 6GB of RAM and a 3,200mAh battery. The device is also believed to be IP68 water- and dust-resistant, while offering up a set of features focused on video and multimedia. The LG V30 is rumored to cost $700, while the V30+ might cost $875.