The LG V30 is going to be announced later this month, and it looks like the newest entry into the V series is getting a major boost in the multimedia department. A new report claims that the LG V30 will focus more on video and audio recording and multimedia playback.

This new information on the LG V30’s capabilities was exclusively reported by Android Authority. The site claims  the the V30’s f/1.6 lens camera will have the Cine Video and Live Zoom effects. Additionally, the LG V30’s camera app will also have a new LG-log and Graphy feature, both of which are intended to give users a DSLR-like camera experience on the V30.

In the audio side, it looks like LG wants to improve upon what it was able to deliver on the LG V20. The V20 was the handset where LG included support for 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC for high quality audio playback.

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For the LG V30, the company is said to be bringing back the Quad DAC support, but with the new Advanced Quad DAC built right into the device. However, the V30 will also feature some new functionalities to further improve audio playback.The device will feature a Hi-Fi Digital Filter, Sound pre-sets and Hi-Fi Streaming with MQA.

In simpler terms, users would be able to playback hi-fidelity audio that are easily downloadable or are easier to stream online. The one distinct advantage of this kind of audio technology is that users will be able to play lossless audio without any of the downsides of compressed audio files.

Alegged render of the LG V30.

In terms of recording audio quality, the LG V30 is also said to come with Hi-Fi video recording with RAM. This also means that users might be able to connect an external microphone in order to record Hi-Fi audio. What remains unclear is how exactly LG plans to implement external microphone support for the LG V30. It’s possible that LG will sell a separate accessory in order for third-party microphones to work.

It’s already been previously reported that LG will most likely collaborate with Bang & Olufsen (B&O) to fine tune the audio playback on the LG V30. However, it’s highly likely that V30 units with B&O audio will only be available in other markets. It's also not clear if B&O will contribute an audio chip or the speakers with its collaboration with LG.

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LG officially announced yesterday that its “next major smartphone,” believed to be the LG V30, will come equipped with a P-OLED FullVision 1440p QHD display. The display will support virtual reality experiences like Google’s Daydream VR platform, and it will also support HDR 10 content.

It appears as though LG wants the V30 to be quite distinct from other flagships by focusing more on multimedia features and experiences that others aren’t offering. However, the LG V30 will also be jumping aboard the slim bezel design trend this year going by the teaser photo that LG shared yesterday.

The LG V30 is expected to be announced on Aug. 31 and is rumored to go on sale in the United States on Sept. 28. Preorders are believed to open on Sept. 17, while the device will go on sale in South Korea on Sept. 18.