LG Electronics announced last month that it is not going to release a new flagship device at the Mobile World Congress 2018 next week. However, the South Korean tech company revealed that it is launching an upgraded version of its V30 phablet at the Barcelona event. 

Yonhap News Agency reported Wednesday that LG is planning to release the LG V30s smartphone in its home turf around March 8 or 9. Should the tech company choose the latter, it would mean that the V30s will arrive on the same day as Samsung’s new Android handsets, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

Industry insiders do not have the pricing of the LG V30s yet, but they did provide an estimate, which is 900,000 Korean won or around U.S.$828. Should LG stick to this pricing, this would mean that the upgraded V30 could cost less than the Galaxy S9, which is rumored to start selling at $850.

To ensure that its enhanced handset would attract attention from consumers, LG has decided to upgrade the V30 by adding artificial intelligence camera features and all of which are expected to be showcased at MWC 2018. Fans shouldn’t expect physical design enhancements though. The V30s is reported to sport the same look as the original V30 that was first released in September 2017. 

In a press statement released earlier this month, LG revealed that the 2018 version of the LG V30 will come with a new camera feature called Vision AI. What this does is automatically analyze objects and recommend the best shooting mode. It is also capable of providing users with shopping information through image recognition technology. Hence, users can just point the V30s camera at an object and the software would provide online purchasing links or other similar suggestions. 

Meanwhile, LG is also poised to announce a new flagship smartphone before the first half ends. As previously reported by IBTimes, the company is preparing to debut its LG G6 successor — internally called “Judy” — this coming June. The handset is said to come equipped with a much larger screen than its predecessor’s 5.7-inch display. 

Sources claim the G6’s successor won’t debut with the name G7. The company has apparently decided to implement new brand names for its flagships this year in an attempt to attract more consumers. There’s also a rumor claiming Judy will pack in a 6.1-inch, 18:9 Full Vision display. The screen isn’t going to be OLED, for LG has decided to use a new type of display technology called MLCD+ instead.