It looks like Nessie the Loch Ness Monster may be vacationing in the Land Down Under.

Beachgoers on Magnetic Island in Queensland, Australia, said they saw a figure out at sea with a curved “neck” bobbing in the water on Friday, the Australian Associated Press reports.

A photo taken of the mysterious sea creature shows a floating object that resembles the Scottish Loch Ness monster, but marine biologists say it is probably a piece of debris.

“It was bobbing up and down in the water and at first I thought, what’s that?” David Herron, who saw the mysterious marine object about 200 yards away, told AAP. “Someone yelled out ‘it looks like a Loch Ness monster.’”

While new sea creatures continue to be discovered on the continent, it’s unlikely the object was the actual Loch Ness Monster, James Cook University biology professor Glen Chilton says.

"It's probably a piece of a tree or piece of a boat which has somehow broken away," he told AAP, adding that this isn’t the first time a mysterious long-necked reptile was spotted around Magnetic Island.

Last October, a fisherman spotted a large grey colored body off the waters of Magnetic Island. But the sighting could very well be a dragon boat that sunk last week.

Nessie’s last sighting took place in August back in her native home: the Scottish Highlands. David Elder, an amateur photographer, captured an image of what he believed to be a solid black object in Loch Ness.

“Out of the corner of my right eye I caught site of a black area of water about 15 feet long which developed into a kind of bow wave,” Elder told The Mirror. “I'm convinced this was caused by a solid black object under the water. The water was very still at the time and there were no ripples coming off the wave and no other activity on the water.”

One of Nessie’s first sightings took place in the 1930s by a London man, George Spicer, when he and his wife saw a dragon-like creature on Loch Ness while on a motorboat. In 2011, a local shop owner, Jan Hargreaves and her husband Simon, said they saw Nessie on the loch.

"We stand here all the time and look out and see boats and kayaks but it didn't look like anything we have seen here before," Hargreaves said describing a reptile with a long neck and black in appearance. “It was around for a good four to five minutes. It was just so strange."

For Herron, the latest sighting in Australia was very real.

"The head was approximately a meter and a half out of the water and it was bobbing up and down. I would estimate it was about four meters long,” he told Australia's Sunrise breakfast TV show. “I've never seen anything like it -- it could be anything. We are all wanting to know what it is.”