Lyft Head
Representational image. Getty Images/Kelly Sullivan

Ridesharing company Lyft has appointed a new head of diversity and inclusion that is bringing a fresh approach to the role.

Monica Poindexter, the former Facebook global head of diversity business partners, will lead Lyft’s inclusion and diversity department, adding more of a holistic outlook to the position, TechCrunch reported.

“I’m in a unique role and have an opportunity to help the organization look at diversity more holistically and look at it through the lens of talent, workforce and marketplace,” Poindexter told TechCrunch. “I’m taking the time to understand the processes internally and identify areas where we can intentionally embed inclusion and diversity into our processes.”

Poindexter said she appreciated the sense of commitment from John Zimmer and Logan Green, the co-founders of the company.

“I interviewed with John and Logan and was also interviewing them about commitment from the leadership team,” Poindexter told the news outlet. “That was a key deciding factor. I think that this work is difficult enough and you do want to be sure that you have the top-down support from leadership and are open and willing to learn but also to evolve.”

Previously holding the position was Tariq Meyers. He was the first head of inclusion and diversity at Lyft, a role that was started in September 2016. Within a year of appointing Meyers, the company released its first diversity report, which was comparable to Facebook, Uber, and Google. Meyers left the company in April 2018.