Lytro, a tech startup, is seeking to bring photography to the next level. Its main innovation is eliminating the need to focus a camera before taking a picture.

Instead, the living pictures captured by a Lytro camera can be adjusted to focus on any part of the photo after the fact. It's also presented in a format that allows the picture viewer to do the same. Furthermore, it can be viewed in 3D, said Lytro.

Photographers know that one often has only a split second to capture a moment and there is no time focus. Moreover, sometimes the focus is wrong for whatever reason. Seasoned photographers have probably taken hundreds of pictures that were out of focus.

The Lytro camera is a digital and software-powered instrument. As such, it also claims to snap pictures faster than traditional cameras that are hampered by the lag of shutters. Moreover, its digital nature creates new opportunities to innovate on camera lenses, controls and design.

The science behind the camera is called light field, which captures every light traveling in every direction in a given space. Traditional cameras add all the light rays and record them as a single amount of light.

Below are sample living pictures from Lytro. To change the focus, simply click on different spots on the pictures.