Lytro is proclaiming a new age in photography with a pocket-sized camera unveiled Wednesday that comes with a futuristic technology called light-field photograph. The technology will enable the photographer to focus on any point of the image and change the focal point as many times as he wants after taking the photograph, says the Silicon Valley startup.

Ren Ng, the founder and CEO of Lytro, provided a sneak peek of the camera at an event in San Francisco Wednesday and with its first look, the camera has gathered raves from around the world.

If you can shoot first, focus later, it's going to be the fastest camera you've ever used, Ng said in an interview with PCMag. Because when you press the shutter button, it takes the shot instantly. It doesn't have to wait for the lens to move.

The anodized aluminum Lytro camera, at four and a half inches, looks like a miniature version of a telescope, as distinctive as its technology and radically different from the traditional digital cameras available in the market.

The concept of light-field photography, however, is not new as Adobe and Pelican Imaging have already used this technology in their products, but Lytro is the first to introduce it in the consumer segment to bring a new user-friendly dimension to photography.

The camera has only two buttons - power and shutter. It comes with an 8x optical zoom controlled by a touch-sensitive band, totes an f/2 and provides USB port to upload photos to computer. Lytro claims to perform very well in low light conditions and can capture an 11-mega-ray light-field with its infinite focus magic and without any focus lag.

According to Lytro, the new camera will create 3D images with a single lens. Battery and memory chips will also remain inside the camera.

The Lytro camera weighs about half a pound and comes in three colors - blue, gray and red. The electric blue and graphite gray models, as given in the Web site, will have 8GB of built-in storage and will cost $399, whereas the red-hot model will have 16GB of storage and will cost $499.

Currently Lytro works only with Macs, but Windows software is under process and will soon be effective, reports the officials.

Packed with great features and reasonable price, Lytro is all set to storm the camera market. Interested buyers can preorder the cameras immediately on but have to wait till early 2012 as the futuristic cameras will not be released this year.