Apple Mac OS X Lion, the latest operating system innovation from the Cupertino-based IT giant, has finally hit the store on Wednesday, but is it worth the upgrade?

Customers are able to download Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (around 3.5 GB in size) from Mac App Store at $29.99. Users are also able to go into any Apple store and download it wirelessly. While installation is not available through CD or other external device at the moment, PC Magazine has reported that an OS X Lion-installed USB stick will be available in August at $69.

According to Apple, OS X Lion will challenge the “accepted way of doing things by introducing new features that change the way you use a computer.” There are over 250 new features in OS X Lion, as the company advertises.

Following slides show some up the key features of the new operating system for Mac. Look through the slides and decide whether the upgrade is worth the money and effort.

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