Rumors that President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia was pregnant swirled on Twitter after she was sexualized on the social media site. An article written by Empire News claims she is pregnant -- but it’s a satirical news site.

The phony story addressed what it called the “biggest White House scandal since intern fellatio.” Malia was rumored to be in her second trimester and the hoax story claims to have a quote from First Lady Michelle Obama saying that teen pregnancy is common in the family -- “on her father’s side of course,” the fake quote said. “My mother-in-law had Barack when she was 18, so I see where Malia gets it from. I’m just so excited to decorate the nursery. The White House hasn’t seen a baby since oh, 1884 or so.”

Twitter users defended the 16-year-old on the social media site.

But invented pregnancy rumors aren't the only intrusion on Malia's privacy. A football player posted a picture of Malia wearing tight jeans, setting off the kind of attention usually focused on Kim Kardashian and her famous derriere. The picture of Malia went viral after it was posted by Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett. The photo had been circulated, but reportedly ignited when the NFL player shared it on Instagram.

Dockett, 33, was criticized for sharing the image, but he defended himself on Twitter. 

The pregnancy rumors and viral picture come after Republican party aide Elizabeth Lauten slammed Malia and her younger sister, Sasha, for their Thanksgiving attire during the president’s address. Lauren later apologized for her “classless” comment and resigned.

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