This video is self explanatory.

A local San Diego news station attempted to start off its live morning show with a cool visual of a man using a water-powered jetpack to lift off into the sky. Unfortunately as John attempted to lift off with his jetpack it careened right into the San Diego Harbor. Sadly, the $100K jetpack, the Jetlev R200 waterjet pack, picked the wrong time to fail.

The Jetlev was developed by Raymond Li, a Chinese Canadian from St. John's, Newfoundland, in 2000. Five years and a lot of reseach and development later, Li, John Myers and Frazier Grandison became the first to fly it. Li incorporated the company two years later. Jetlev expects charter yachts, resorts, theme parks, rental agencies, adventure tour companies, training schools, membership and fractional ownership clubs to offer flights.

The failed flight below was at the San Diego Yacht club.

Watch below.