Taking marriage proposals to a new level, a man stepped up the commitment game by proposing to his girlfriend with a “Will you marry me?” tattoo on his chest.

Juris Jurison, a tattoo artist at Gods of Ink Tattoo Studio in Gloucester, Massachusetts, recently got a unique demand from an unnamed customer who wanted a tattoo that featured the important question alongside a “Yes” and “No” box for his girlfriend to choose.

The man’s partner was touched by the gesture and filled the “Yes” box with a small heart-shaped tattoo.

The couple got engaged in the tattoo studio where the man proposed his sweetheart with the inked chest and a beautiful ring.

“What an amazing way to propose,” South West News Service quoted a representative from the studio saying. “His girlfriend who was with him had no idea what he was having done and was shocked by his proposal and happily ticked the ‘yes’ box.”

The representative further congratulated the couple.

Jurison said marriage-proposal tattoos are rare and have not been a “common occurrence” in the two years he’s worked at the parlor.

“It was rather unique. It reminded me of being at school when you wrote notes at school, asking your girlfriend if she wanted to go out with you,” added the tattoo artist. “He rang up about an hour before to ask if we could do it because either people wouldn’t do it or didn’t have space.”

Talking about the girl’s reaction, he said “When she came in the main tattoo was already done and she said, “Oh my god, I love you!” The overwhelmed woman immediately accepted the proposal. “He drew the heart and we tattooed that on,” Jurison added.

Couple Holding Hands
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