Man of Steel
Henry Cavill will don the iconic cape in the Superman reboot, "Man of Steel," whose release is scheduled for next June 14. Warner Bros

One of the biggest panels to rock the San Diego Comic-Con Saturday was all about the coming Superman movie Man of Steel. Warner Bros. Studios presented a two-minute trailer for the film at the convention, but you don't have to wait to see it, because the footage has leaked online -- albeit in grainy, somewhat low-quality form.

The Superman reboot, produced by Dark Knight visionary Christopher Nolan and directed by 300 director Zack Snyder, has always promised an updated, darker take on the Superman mythos.

Much like Batman Begins made audiences worldwide forget about the campiness of Batman & Robin, this reboot plans to wash the Superman Returns taste out of audiences' collective mouths.

The trailer for the film shows a couple of amazing images. Superman dons his outfit for the first time, kisses Lois Lane, and generally steals the hearts of everyone in the audience.

Henry Cavill looks like he's going to make an excellent Superman, and while there's not much footage of Amy Adams as Lois Lane, it's easy to assume she'll be spectacular as well.

The video isn't the best, but it's easy to make out what happens in the trailer, and the audio quality is high enough that every word can be clearly understood.

It's not as good as an official release, but for those who don't want to wait until the footage officially premieres on Friday -- attached to The Dark Knight Rises -- this should be good enough.

Watch the leaked Man of Steel trailer in three parts below.