In 2011, Mark Zuckerberg will only eat meat from animals he physically kills himself, according to a note he sent on Facebook and a subsequent email interview with Fortune.

Currently, he’s killing animals others have raised or captured. Next, he wants to do the hunting himself.

Zuckerberg isn’t trying to be macho or doing it for the thrills. Instead, he is trying to have a deeper appreciation of the fact that living animals must be killed each time he eats meat. In a way, he’s attempting to remove the distance commercialism has put between him and his food.

Although Zuckerberg arrived at his decision independently – after comments from his guests about a pig he roasted – he is a part of the larger trend in America to revert back to more natural ‘caveman’ ways.

Technology has removed modern human beings many steps from the basics of life. For example, the meats we eat is produced en mass in a commercial way, killed commercially, process commercially, and shipped commercially to grocery stores.

That’s a far cry from killing a wild animal and roasting it over a fire. This is the type of alienation people in modern society are rebelling against.

An increasingly popular trend is the paleo diet, which seeks to imitate the 'caveman' raw food diet of the Paleolithic era.

A hot trend in the hunting community has been eschewing high-tech weapons for primitive tools like hand-made spears.

Trader philosopher Nassim Taleb, meanwhile, tries to imitate the entire hunter-gatherer lifestyle. He claims to imitate their feast and fasting eating habits and their physical routine of long periods of rest interspersed with short periods of extreme exertion.