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Blockchain Company Chain Acquired By Stellar

Chain has been acquired by the for-profit arm of the Stellar Foundation, joining an enterprise that’s backed by big financial firms like Khosla Ventures, Nasdaq, Visa and Citi Ventures.

Networking Is The Social Safety Net For Millennials

Kelly Hoey, who literally wrote the book on networking, sees the practice as the best bet for young professionals navigating a fast-evolving economy. “We already said, ‘Well, everyone should learn to code,’” the tech investor said. “But machines may do coding for us, so what’s next?”

‘How Much Do You Make?’

Millennials are 50 percent more likely than Gen X'ers to share their salary info with coworkers and 200 percent more likely to do so than Baby Boomers.

Why Colleges Still Prefer Legacies

Daniel Golden — the author of "The Price of Admission," which pointed out the somewhat sketchy history of Jared Kushner's Harvard acceptance — spoke to IBT about the repercussions of preferential treatment for legacy students, in light of a recent eyebrow-raising survey from the university's newspaper.


Last update: Jun 1, 2020 9:01:am
Confirmed: 6,250,218 (+107,920)
Deaths: 376,942 (+2,907)
Recovered: 2,267,584
Confirmed: 1,790,070 (+20,007)
Deaths: 104,378 (+605)
Recovered: 188