Action games, especially the ones which involve hand-to-hand combat and flight simulations, have come a long way and now game controllers and sticks are the need of the hour for a budding gamer to discover the experience. But gamers will choose their consoles according to their targeted price and budget.

Some gamers will opt for low priced consoles while others, with a little extra cash in their pockets, will go for a bit moderated console. However, someone who really takes his or her gaming seriously will definitely be ready to spend whatever is needed for a high-end console to get that extra edge.

According to a report by PC World, the two most-happening gaming consoles in the market are MadCatz FightStick SE, worth $70 and MVC3 (Marvel vs Capcom 3) FightStick which will be around $160.

No one expects to play simulation and combat games using their mouse and keyboard (some less fortunate do though), and hence a good consoling device always has a guarantee to offer that desired experience the gamer craves from his hard earned costly game whose levels are even dreadful than the game’s price tag.

The MVC3 is just the console any gamer would be looking forward to, to attain nirvana. There is a possibility the person will back-off a bit when countered with a question like why will I spend $150-160 on a console for a game that is half its cost?.  If that is the situation then this review is off the person’s charts.

Next comes the question of durability. Now someone who is frustrated with his brother or friend beating him in every level will, in all probability, have the urge to throw that game stick at him to get even at least in real life. That is the sole reason why MVC3 uses branded parts from Sanwa, who previously made arcade machines in Japan for the first ever official Capcom Street Fighter IV, says PC World.

The buttons are sensitive to light touches and the console itself is easier to control due to its well-administered responsive nature. The device is bit heavy, weighing around 6.5 pounds and might become a pain to carry around. Otherwise, it is resistant to rough handling by the user.

Finally, the bonus part about the console is that it has become dangerously easy to deliver all kinds of combos and difficult fighting moves which were difficult earlier. The designers hope this feature would make up for the extreme price tag on MVC3 FightStick.