Square Enix has recently promised to show some “Marvel’s Avengers” gameplay during the game’s panel on the San Diego Comic Con 2019. While the reveal was supposed to be an exclusive for the con-goers, some fans have taken videos of the reveal and uploaded it online. The reveal featured some of the battle gameplay of the upcoming game.

As seen on the video posted on the “Marvel’s Avengers” Reddit and Youtube, Square Enix revealed a 12-minute long gameplay trailer about the upcoming superhero game. The footage was cut in portions as it was not allowed to film the reveal and more so upload it publicly. Square Enix and the game’s developers Crystal Dynamics can take action soon to take down these videos.

The gameplay reveal mostly showed some battle scenes using the “Avengers” cast. Thor swings his armor through some enemy soldiers in the first part. The game then transitions control to Iron Man where he shoots beams toward flying enemy soldiers. After that, Black Widow drops Hulk into the broken bridge where he slams and smashes enemies together. Lastly, Black Widow fights Taskmaster in a series of quick-time events.

Other details confirmed outside the reveal were skill trees, hero costume customization, and co-op mode for this game.

More than features, fans have also spotted Kamala Khan in the reveals which could confirm Ms. Marvel’s inclusion in the game. Khan was known to be an avid Captain Marvel fan and could be seen in the last parts of the reveal amidst the panicking crowds.

Different from the Captain Marvel seen in movies, Ms. Marvel is a young Inhuman with polymorph powers which allow her to stretch and increase her size to fight her foes. This power is similar to the Fantastic 4’s leader, Mr. Fantastic.

In the first trailer, the "Avengers" have lost Captain America during an attack called the A-day. The gameplay reveal is set in this specific day and ends with the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier crashing down on San Francisco. Much of the game’s story is yet to revealed but it seems to be original much like how Insomniac Games delivered their own Spider-Man in “Marvel’s Spider-Man.”

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