The reviews are in, and “Mary Poppins Returns” is getting some good ratings from the critics. Emily Blunt, who plays the titular role, has been called a “worthy successor” of the iconic role. With new songs and a little twists, the film has managed to capture the magic and the nostalgia of the classic movie.

According to USA Today, the plot of “Mary Poppins Returns” retains the same formula as the classic movie. Director Rob Marshall has reportedly struck a fine balance between the musical numbers and the other “staid adult stuff.”

Blunt and her fellow cast member Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Jack, are getting a lot of praise for their performance. The two actors are described as “charming” when working alone, as well as together.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot of the film revolves around Michael Banks’ (Ben Whishaw) family. After the death of Michael’s wife, Mary Poppins comes down to help raise the children, with a little help from the street lamplighter Jack.

The report noted that the film “delivers both nostalgia and novelty.” The report called Blunt a “worthy successor” for the role and pointed out that the actress has an “unmistakable warmth” in her portrayal of the character.

Vanity Fair also praised Blunt’s performance, saying the actress is not only “deferent to the original,” but she also makes the character “her own.” The report also suggested that the actress stepped into the role with confidence that is born out of her determination to do well.

While the actors have been getting praise, there have been some critics who pointed out the shortcomings as well. Entertainment Weekly suggested that director and co-writer Marshall hasn’t been able to find a “storytelling spine to match Mary’s famous rigor.” The narrative apparently feels “spindly and slightly adrift.”

What the new generation of viewers may feel odd in the film is the 60s style animation. While the need for capturing the imagination of children is important, the film could have achieved this through some practical effects, and this seems to be one of the main criticisms.

On the good side, the presence of Meryl Streep reportedly helps lift up the film a little. The actress joins the film in a song, but the criticism again is that none of the songs are distinct enough to stay with the audience at the end of the film.