• HD remastered "Mass Effect Trilogy" reportedly in the works
  • Details on "Mass Effect Trilogy" scarce
  • "Mass Effect Trilogy" is a short-term fix for gamers

"Mass Effect" is taking a break and there is no telling when the next installment will come out. The last one was "Mass Effect: Andromeda" although critics feel that it failed to live up to the hype with some left disappointed. For now, there is no telling what EA and Bioware have planned over the horizon, hinting the next title has no timetable.

But for those who are hoping to see one, a recent earnings call could offer some hope. EA confirmed that one of its game studios is working on an HD remaster although details were limited. Most are left guessing but as it turns out, it will be known as "Mass Effect Trilogy" according to a Venture Beat reporter. However, no source was included in that report, meaning it is technically a rumor and hence should be taken with a grain of salt.

So far, there have been rants on social media about a potential remastered "Mass Effect Trilogy." BioWare has made some cryptic references in the past months. Add the recent confirmation of EA and it appears something is brewing. In the eyes of many, it does make sense to work backward and recall the old installments that helped make the franchise so popular. Some gamers still love the past installments and offering a remastered version could buy the franchise sometime before coming out with a new "Mass Effect" title.

Based on how most felt about "Mass Effect: Andromeda," BioWare and EA have a lot of work to do. The fourth installment of the "Mass Effect" franchise fared miserably, Some gave it a poor rating and gameplay left a lot to be desired. That included quests and missions which gamers felt were generally boring, The Verge reported. Aside from that, there were plenty of bugs that needed addressing as developers tried to remedy the situation.

From those alone, it is understandable why developers opted to take a break and give "Mass Effect" a break. But these shortcomings were hurled only at the fourth installment and not the previous three. For some, the only thing worth looking out for is reliving the old "Mass Effect" titles with better presentation. But beyond that, it remains that these are short-term fixes. As for another installment, nothing close to that has so far been reported.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
BioWare will be putting the "Mass Effect" series on ice as its Montreal studio works on other projects. BioWare